Monday, October 19, 2009

La T freakin' Da

My foot is still not healing properly. So I decided before walking on it at work another day and getting it all swollen up AGAIN, that I would check with an orthopaedic doctor to see if there was something I should be doing or should not be doing like walking on it. I called the local place where I was referred to from the ER but they couldn't see me today. I know I know it wasn't an emergency, but it was because I TOOK OFF WORK! I tried to call them on Friday and they closed at noon and it was 1:15 pm when I called (just missed em'). So I called bright and early at 8 am this morning. I said since I am off work today could I be on like a cancellation list or something I could be there in 5 minutes if given the opportunity. She said the only thing they had was tomorrow. And, that simply was not good enough because I took off work TODAY!!!!

So, I proceeded to call another place, which has offices in Madison and HSV as well as Decatur. They got me in immediately in the Madison location. They performed Xray's the doctor saw me (nice guy) then he ordered MRI (awesomeness they have those right there in the office now!). He came back saying I have a bad sprain and my ACL ligament is affected. Hmmm I thought to myself, ACL that sounds familiar so yeah ok thats right. I proceed to listening to him tell me the plan of going for physical therapy, icing the ankle, taking anti-inflammatory and only walk as much as necessary. I thanked him for getting to me so quickly and appreciated him working me in. :) I am a good patient.... and I liked this doctor.

I head toward the homestead, call work to let them know what was up because they seemed all concerned about it, then called tbone and told him, and then my daddy... ok all the must knows notified. I think long and hard ACL.... I am pretty sure that is the knee? Isn't it the ligament up there by the knee? I looked it up and can't find a single thing about the ACL of the ankle lol so I am thinking that po doctor was tired... or I can't hear with shit. Could be the latter of that. Because after researching I have found it to be called the ATL ligament, which sounds like the ACL huh? Anyway that ATL (Anterior talofibular ligament) sucks ass for me right now. Its not cooperative with my healing and my timeline that I had set. At least now I know what to do to help the healing process, pretty much what I have besides the anti-inflammatory... the boot, and the PT. He wants me to do two days a week PT and continue with icing when possible because the swelling is still there! UGHHHH.

I will say.... I love this boot. I know that already! I went grocery shopping, as there was NOTHING to eat at the house, and I was waiting on my foot heal before going and uh yeah that's not happenin' anytime soon. So I went grocery shopping and you know I did it much easier than I ever would have thought I would with this boot! Now there is a flaw... it makes me walk correctly and I have been favoring it due to pain and it hurts now to hold it the RIGHT way. Wait there is still yet another flaw... my po toes are freezin! The toes of this particular boot are open....and my toes are cold! Yes... I am not a moron and have socks on my feet.... but umm socks don't work to keep my toesies toasty. I will have to come up with a solution for this!

Stylish isn't it? See them cold toesies..... (I have a black sock on because it sooo matches)!

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