Friday, October 23, 2009

Crazy lady

I am trying not to be such a "crazy lady" and get off of this emotional roller coaster.....geesh I like rides and all but sometimes I need a break!

I am happy, but stumped on what or whom I shall be for Halloween. I gave my daughter my idea for myself so now I am stuck the week before Halloween wondering, contemplating, racking my brain. I come up with.........nadda. UGH

I need something by tonight so I can shop tomorrow for items needed. UGH

Also on another note. Today was payday, and it is amazing how I can sit down and look at my account and start paying shit off, and before I know it I am down to less than 100 bucks. DAMN IT MAN! I still have three more bills to pay too! UGHHHHHH

Also, Damn it to car tags that have to be purchased when you always forget what month... I WILL MARK IT IN STONE I HAVE TO PAY IT IN OCTOBER! Women beware of the name change thing... it will confuse the hell out of you and your bill situation sometimes. However I have been West for at least 12 years I should remember... but for some reason I am still stuck on the month that Salters fell on. To hell with those damn tags! Also, My kids health insurance premium was due right now...150 more bucks that I owe. Oh and don't forget the ankle/foot from HELL I spend 200 bucks on that thing this month. OK OK I vented. This month will go down and as the most money sucketh month of all times......for me that is! And all of this coming right before CHRISTMAS!!!! DAMN IT SON! Also never forget just how expensive children are...NEVER ever FORGET THIS! Because when you least need that hand extended... out it reaches and takes every last dime you have.

I am the CRAZY LADY TODAY. But, life is good. Yep it still is good.

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