Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brace or MD?

My foot looked horrible still on Friday but today the swelling is gone, its still tender and sore but definitely improvement. The different from Friday and today are two days..... But on Friday I had walked on my foot all week at work, on Sunday I have not walked on my foot at all since Friday night.

On Friday I had thought about contacting the specialist and having them look at it to see I if I needed a boot or something if this was going to take longer to heal. But today it looks better. I have already spent a small fortune on this foot (150 dollar copay at ER) and now I am hesitant to go see the orthopedic doctor that the ER had recommended.

It looks so much better today!!!!! I am thinking about going and buying a new brace, because this air splint is annoying as hell after about 2 days and I have dealt with it already 7 . I am thinking maybe a new brace and telling them at work, I either have to use my crutches to see patients or sit at my desk and do paperwork while the other MA's bring the patient's back and see them. I think if I could stay off of it a few more days it might just completely heal. Where as when I walk on it, it swells.

Anyway, I know folks don't care to keep reading about my darn foot. I am hopeful it will get better though because it is drastically affecting my life!

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