Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2 for 1

1. This page is being updated and hopefully I will everything adjusted with it before long. For now be patient and laugh your butt off at my expense. I do see the errors! ;p

2. My son is amazing. I love his little soul more than any words could possible come close to expressing. I went for his parent teacher conference yesterday and she says he is just a GEM. He is quiet and well behaved (yeah she was talking about Desmond... I double checked!). She said academically he is exactly where he should be but actually higher than average (this from a boy who HATES to do school work!). It makes a momma proud to see her baby is doing well. :)

Ohhh heck lets make it a 3 for 1
3. Today is my momma's birthday. Happy Birthday to my mom! I have called her but have not been able to reach her YET!

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