Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chicken and movies

My sweet man knows how much I love some church's chicken.... so yep that was dinner tonight. My tastebuds were in pure heaven and my tummy in pure hell. IT's AWESOME! :)

Now..... we are getting ready to watch the remake Texas chainsaw masacre. I haven't seen it since the theater however long ago that was... so I am sure I wont remember a lick of it! So cool.

I am getting all excited about the Halloween light show/ haunted carport this year. I can't wait until Saturday night when we have friends and family around to enjoy the fun.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Vanilla Ambien, date night, and kiddos.

Catchy title...but not what you think.

I was discussing the medication Ambien with a patient today. I said "we will give you this prescription to have filled to help you adjust to treatment. It is inexpensive as it is available in vanilla". Yep those words came straight out of my mouth. I stopped and said "Did I just say vanilla?" and laughed. The patient's wife said "Yes, I knew what you meant generic. I am right there with you". The patient said "you two women scare me". lol I said "wouldn't it be awesome to have it in vanilla though?" I still wonder where the hellz that came from. I will always think of that and smile.

Tonight is date night. I got the sweetest little mail from my Tbone asking me if I was interested in going on a date tonight. He is so good at trying to ensure we get to go out and enjoy each others company alone, just us. A couple needs this. I need him. He makes me smile. So I feel like I am 10 years younger every time we go out on date night. I take the time to shower and fix up my face, (put make up on). I blow dry my hair and make it just so. I put on some piece of jewelry that he has bought me in the past 7 years. I may not always wear dress clothes, but I clean up nicely and think of the fun we will have. I think he may get a little excited sometimes too, he is outside washing up the jeep (ya know like fellas do before a hot date). :)

Life is good.

On another note: There has been this long on going history of my daughter and a thing called Winter Guard. To let her try to show she can do this again or not is the question. I think I am leaning toward letting her, with strong stipulation. Make straight A's. (first bad grade I will make her quit). Do all her chores, spend time with family, limited cell phone (if she fails to get things done the phone becomes mine). She really enjoyed this, but I hate that these people practice the children 3 nights a week and 3 hours a night at that. Its really hard for them to keep up with friends and their responsibilities. I heard a parent say last year though that it was great for kids, as they are so busy they have limited time to get into REAL trouble. She loves this. Its something she is good at. She is maturing more and more, and realizes that I am not playing games with this education she is getting. I don't guess it will hurt me to let her try to be more responsible this time, because if she isn't I can make her quit. But that always sucks too. UGH decisions parents have to make. I hate to hold her back or keep her from doing something she enjoys, but I know her work load and I know how bad she is at multi-tasking right now. Maybe this will teach her how to handle a lot on her plate because that is exactly what this is. If she handles it this season well, then she will be set. If she doesn't then she will be heart broken. Good luck Destiny!

On another note, it saddens me to see my children growing too fast, Destiny gets learners permit in less than 7 months. Desmond goes to Jr High school next year, both big moves and both are pulling on my heart strings. I knew it would happen, just didn't realize how fast it would go by. No matter how many times I have heard people say it, it happens faster than you think.

But, life is good.

Enough mushy stuff.... I got a hot date! :)


Times like these and many others I think about how blessed I am. I feel like I am at the end of my rope before I will break sometimes, and then I feel a hand reach out and save me. That hand is the hand of my Tbone! I am a blessed woman to have such a strong man at my side.

Even when days are hard, and we may snap at each other, there is always love in our hearts and he takes the good with the bad from me. I should be a better partner for him......and quit my bitchin'.

I love my Tbone!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


I be tired. Not just a bit, but a good bit, tired. Halloween is coming. Halloween is COMING! :)

Thomas busted butt today to try to get things working for the haunt, fright night. I am so looking forward to the scares.

I will be a simple vampiress again. As I have everything here without having to rack my brain again. It does not require me to wear a mask so this means... I CAN TAKE PICTURES lol I am weird, but I think I will enjoy the heck out of photographing this event, instead of chasing people with chainsaws. Even though that was always fun.

The house is coming along as far as cleaning goes.

Kids were helpful today, that's a change for the good.

Destiny wants something lol that's why she was so helpful. I knew it had to be something. And now I think about it. She wants to do Winter guard again. This is 3 hrs per night 3 nights per week, several weekends out of town, lost of money and lots of her time. She has done it before and last year they actually ranked 1st in the state which was awesome. I enjoyed watching her do something she enjoyed. But whew it was exhausting watching her, and staying on her about all that SHE was not accomplishing that were HER responsibilities. Which why I made her quit. Now, I didn't make her quit in the middle but at the end of the season last year she had to quit. To let her try again or not?

I am enjoying my chair tonight, Have my foot propped up with ice as it is swollen, sitting in the living room surrounded by my family. We are fixin' to watch us a flick. :) Life is good.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Halloween last year..... 2008

Here are some photos from previous Halloweens. I am getting myself in the mood, and still trying to figure out who/what I will be this year.

Tbone- Michael Myers

Desmond- Scary doctor dude

Destiny- Drucilla

Tonya- Vampiress

Destiny- the girl from the ring

Tonya- Leatherface

Desmond- Chucky
Destiny- Carrie

Graystone Manor

This place is loads of fun, and creepy as all get out! I encourage anyone lookin' for a good place for a scare to check it out.

Graystone Manor Haunted House

I also want to go the ATROX Factory and Sloss Furnice in B'ham because I have not been to those places, maybe next year I will check those out.

Football and food

Whew, talk about blowin' a diet. I have really done it today. I have 3 lbs to lose by Friday the 30th to meet my first weight loss goal of many. Maybe just maybe I can do it, this darn injury is not making it easier. I did manage to lose 2 lbs though. Anyone interested in following my weight loss journey should see my spark page (I have a link over there >>>>).

Its been a nice lazy Saturday. Still no Halloween costume. I think Thomas and I will be heading to Huntsville later on tonight. We are watching Football right now so that will have to wait. I sure hope Alabama pulls this game off, looks like Tiffin' is winning it for us. Thank God we have a kicker! ROLL TIDE!!!

I hope the Halloween show/party/gathering/haunting goes well... I am starting to get excited about it. I appreciate all the hard work Thomas does for it. :)

I even painted my nails BLACK today! :) go me!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Crazy lady

I am trying not to be such a "crazy lady" and get off of this emotional roller coaster.....geesh I like rides and all but sometimes I need a break!

I am happy, but stumped on what or whom I shall be for Halloween. I gave my daughter my idea for myself so now I am stuck the week before Halloween wondering, contemplating, racking my brain. I come up with.........nadda. UGH

I need something by tonight so I can shop tomorrow for items needed. UGH

Also on another note. Today was payday, and it is amazing how I can sit down and look at my account and start paying shit off, and before I know it I am down to less than 100 bucks. DAMN IT MAN! I still have three more bills to pay too! UGHHHHHH

Also, Damn it to car tags that have to be purchased when you always forget what month... I WILL MARK IT IN STONE I HAVE TO PAY IT IN OCTOBER! Women beware of the name change thing... it will confuse the hell out of you and your bill situation sometimes. However I have been West for at least 12 years I should remember... but for some reason I am still stuck on the month that Salters fell on. To hell with those damn tags! Also, My kids health insurance premium was due right now...150 more bucks that I owe. Oh and don't forget the ankle/foot from HELL I spend 200 bucks on that thing this month. OK OK I vented. This month will go down and as the most money sucketh month of all times......for me that is! And all of this coming right before CHRISTMAS!!!! DAMN IT SON! Also never forget just how expensive children are...NEVER ever FORGET THIS! Because when you least need that hand extended... out it reaches and takes every last dime you have.

I am the CRAZY LADY TODAY. But, life is good. Yep it still is good.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I can tell its getting that time of year again. Cold weather, holiday hussle, and I am blah. Blah... Blah...Blah. I am not happy. No real reason to be unhappy. Maybe there are a few things I would change in my life if I wanted to put forth the effort to do so, but ultimately I am blessed and content.

My kiddos are marvelous children. They do what children do usually and are lazy, and unappreciative at times but overall they are the whole package. I don't spend near enough time with them. NOT NEAR! They are growing to damn fast. I can't slow it down. I want, I really want to, but I can't.

I feel surrounded my negativity, at work and even at home. I want to get out of the negative thoughts that I feel but I am surrounded, like a smothering heap of heavy negative things all around me.

There are things all over the place that need accomplished, that I could probably put forth the effort to accomplish but I am depressed and making the effort is like 50 times harder when I am in this mood.

I don't take anything for depression and never have because its usually seasonal, hormonal or just plain comes and goes. I don't see anything wrong with those who take a mood stabilizer but I simply don't want to take medication if nothing more than the sheer cost of them.

My speakers went out in my car, my house is a mess no matter how hard I work on it, My bank account is a joke. I should simply sign my check over to collectors lately, ever penny I make is gone before I ever even get to touch it in my hands. Its ridiculous really when you think about it. My weight is hideous. I have never weighed this much and I am sick over it. My boot (ankle injury) wearing ass is lazy and I can't seem to stay motivated (although I am trying mentally), its just not working. I think about Christmas now and say bahumbug, even though its my FAVORITE holiday. This is not a gripe session, I don't think a gripe session would help me.

I guess I will get off my ass now and quit typing this negative bullshit and cook dinner for the family because it doesn't look like it will get done if I don't. The laundry wont get done either if I don't do it. The bills wont get paid if I don't pay them... no wonder I am fucking stressed and depressed. I have too many responsibilities. La T da.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

2 for 1

1. This page is being updated and hopefully I will everything adjusted with it before long. For now be patient and laugh your butt off at my expense. I do see the errors! ;p

2. My son is amazing. I love his little soul more than any words could possible come close to expressing. I went for his parent teacher conference yesterday and she says he is just a GEM. He is quiet and well behaved (yeah she was talking about Desmond... I double checked!). She said academically he is exactly where he should be but actually higher than average (this from a boy who HATES to do school work!). It makes a momma proud to see her baby is doing well. :)

Ohhh heck lets make it a 3 for 1
3. Today is my momma's birthday. Happy Birthday to my mom! I have called her but have not been able to reach her YET!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Thief schmeef

I hate... totally despise... want to rid the world of... HATE a THIEF. My mother-in-law... reckon its safe to call her that. My Tbone's mommy who is like a second mommie to me. The woman that if Tbone and I ever get married.... she would indeed be my official mother-in-law. I will just call her that for now! :) Her house got broke into last night. My nephew Cody's items were stolen like PSP and PS2 and games and some of my second mommie's jewelry. Now I know they could have got away with much more. It appears it was a kid with limited time and they had to use Cody's back pack to put things in so they had limited place to carry things as well. I hate a thief. I have had a home vandalized and items stolen. I had my car broke into to take my stereo... DON'T MESS WITH MY SYSTEM! DUDE!!!! Anyway I do know how helpless it makes you feel, how angry that someone would take something that you worked hard for or that had sentimental purpose like most jewelry does. UGHHHH.... If I could find these dudes I would kick um in the balls. Not lightly either! I will proudly say that I do not steal anything from anyone, not cable tv, not a piece of gum that is laying around (I always ask before I take)... I do not steal. My children's fingers would be cut off if they stole anything...and it is something that is totally unacceptable in my opinion. Why do people do this? Do they really think they are better than others and don't have to work and save up and earn what they get in life? GEESH!

La T freakin' Da

My foot is still not healing properly. So I decided before walking on it at work another day and getting it all swollen up AGAIN, that I would check with an orthopaedic doctor to see if there was something I should be doing or should not be doing like walking on it. I called the local place where I was referred to from the ER but they couldn't see me today. I know I know it wasn't an emergency, but it was because I TOOK OFF WORK! I tried to call them on Friday and they closed at noon and it was 1:15 pm when I called (just missed em'). So I called bright and early at 8 am this morning. I said since I am off work today could I be on like a cancellation list or something I could be there in 5 minutes if given the opportunity. She said the only thing they had was tomorrow. And, that simply was not good enough because I took off work TODAY!!!!

So, I proceeded to call another place, which has offices in Madison and HSV as well as Decatur. They got me in immediately in the Madison location. They performed Xray's the doctor saw me (nice guy) then he ordered MRI (awesomeness they have those right there in the office now!). He came back saying I have a bad sprain and my ACL ligament is affected. Hmmm I thought to myself, ACL that sounds familiar so yeah ok thats right. I proceed to listening to him tell me the plan of going for physical therapy, icing the ankle, taking anti-inflammatory and only walk as much as necessary. I thanked him for getting to me so quickly and appreciated him working me in. :) I am a good patient.... and I liked this doctor.

I head toward the homestead, call work to let them know what was up because they seemed all concerned about it, then called tbone and told him, and then my daddy... ok all the must knows notified. I think long and hard ACL.... I am pretty sure that is the knee? Isn't it the ligament up there by the knee? I looked it up and can't find a single thing about the ACL of the ankle lol so I am thinking that po doctor was tired... or I can't hear with shit. Could be the latter of that. Because after researching I have found it to be called the ATL ligament, which sounds like the ACL huh? Anyway that ATL (Anterior talofibular ligament) sucks ass for me right now. Its not cooperative with my healing and my timeline that I had set. At least now I know what to do to help the healing process, pretty much what I have besides the anti-inflammatory... the boot, and the PT. He wants me to do two days a week PT and continue with icing when possible because the swelling is still there! UGHHHH.

I will say.... I love this boot. I know that already! I went grocery shopping, as there was NOTHING to eat at the house, and I was waiting on my foot heal before going and uh yeah that's not happenin' anytime soon. So I went grocery shopping and you know I did it much easier than I ever would have thought I would with this boot! Now there is a flaw... it makes me walk correctly and I have been favoring it due to pain and it hurts now to hold it the RIGHT way. Wait there is still yet another flaw... my po toes are freezin! The toes of this particular boot are open....and my toes are cold! Yes... I am not a moron and have socks on my feet.... but umm socks don't work to keep my toesies toasty. I will have to come up with a solution for this!

Stylish isn't it? See them cold toesies..... (I have a black sock on because it sooo matches)!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Messin' with some photos (Lots of pictures)

My baby boy Desmond
Destiny and my niece Brooke

Umm Destiny ? and Brooke

Brooke, Destiny and Desmond

Me... mommy and Destiny

My baby Trixie

I love his smiling face!


This is miss Lydia my niece.

Dr. Bubba and Miss Lydia

Miss Lydia ( I was playin' withe the photo)


Lydia blowin' bubbles

Brooke and Destiny

Destiny, Brooke and Desmond

Destiny and Lydia

My princess.. Destiny

Brace or MD?

My foot looked horrible still on Friday but today the swelling is gone, its still tender and sore but definitely improvement. The different from Friday and today are two days..... But on Friday I had walked on my foot all week at work, on Sunday I have not walked on my foot at all since Friday night.

On Friday I had thought about contacting the specialist and having them look at it to see I if I needed a boot or something if this was going to take longer to heal. But today it looks better. I have already spent a small fortune on this foot (150 dollar copay at ER) and now I am hesitant to go see the orthopedic doctor that the ER had recommended.

It looks so much better today!!!!! I am thinking about going and buying a new brace, because this air splint is annoying as hell after about 2 days and I have dealt with it already 7 . I am thinking maybe a new brace and telling them at work, I either have to use my crutches to see patients or sit at my desk and do paperwork while the other MA's bring the patient's back and see them. I think if I could stay off of it a few more days it might just completely heal. Where as when I walk on it, it swells.

Anyway, I know folks don't care to keep reading about my darn foot. I am hopeful it will get better though because it is drastically affecting my life!

Wow it's late

Its the start of another day and I haven't even ended the one I am on yet (00:46 hrs). My cat is still between my legs (has been all darn day!). Either she doesn't feel well, or she knows my foot is hurt and she is attempting to take care of me? I dunno. What I do know is that I am eating the attention SHE is giving me up... because she usually is all up on the kiddos or Tbone. Not me so much, because I put her out, and I make her take baths (it's true cats hate baths).

I am ready for this ankle of mine to be healed. I have weird sensations with it at times and at times it feels absolutely normal, that is until I forget and move it.

Maybe by Monday before I have to go back to work it will be better.... a gal can hope.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Trixie

My baby kitty who will soon be a year old, is sitting here in my lap. I love this cat so much! She went through a period a couple weeks ago where she was having accidents on my couch. I was at my wits end with her bringing fleas in and her pissin' I finally said that is it you are now going to be an outdoor cat. I thought I would make her a nice little home outside, but it was awfully cruel since she was use to being the ruler of my home. Her second day outside she wandered off to far from the house. I worried about her. Tbone and I saw her as we were driving but she was on the run so we did not get her then. I walked the street where we had seen her and called her name and tried to get her or help her find her way back home. Luckily my baby found her way back home! She looked so skinny and I sat her food in front of her and swallowed it whole. Her mouth was like a shovel, and she was just gulping it down. I was worried she was going to choke. Now. She is safe and sound in the home. She has not pissed on my couch again. The fleas? Well that is another story. She must just be a fleamongrol (I totally flipped spell check out over that one haha) because she keeps them! I give her baths, I have tried EVERYTHING. The stuff from the vet, the stuff from pet stores, shampoos, powders, you name it I have tried it!!!!!! The fleas are still an issues. Luckily they are not feeding on me or the kiddos so I guess I will just let them be for now, because I give up. Anyone have ideas for the solution to this issue, feel free to post comment. For now, I sit and look at my precious kitty and smile. I am so glad she found her way back home to me! :)


I am new here. I am making it official. It offers more things for me and more of what I have been wanting to do with my page. It is a work in progress, so ignore some errors and such as I will tweek it along the way. I hate to move here, for the history I have on my live journal but its just a click away, right?

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