Sunday, March 30, 2014

What's uppppppppp????

For starters let me tell you about my new coffee drink, created by Tbone (my guy) he has came up with a way for me to enjoy a caramel iced coffee for only 44 calories for one THIS LARGE (see photo above).  Yep I know that is pretty fantastic, and it taste absolutely delish!  Also, when he adds a shot of Kahlua to it, its STILL low calorie... this is a huge win for me!!! :)
On other news, I got clippy things for my bike!!! I got the wimpy ones because I am TERRIFIED of being clipped into my bike.. 
Got a new helmet too, I thought I could us a grown up with, the last two I have used were childrens, one even has flames on it! 
 New clippy shoes to go with my clippy pedals too!!! 
Report after first attempt to ride with said clippy things.... I didn't fall!!! I clipped in and clipped out and didn't fall, so all is well. I was terrified... but I did it and look forward to my next ride.  I still needs lots of practice.
See the red face above? That was after a 4.5 mile that took a 1hr and 5 min to complete... Please pray for me next week as I try to tackle 13 mile in less than 3 hrs and 13min.  Although a hilly half marathon may  not be the best to try to PR haha... one mile at a time and we will see what happens. 
My guy is my bike guy and I am so glad for that, because I still have too much to learn about the bike.
We have been hitting the rink again... I have faced my fears and got back out there.  Already loosed up my trucks some (errr Thomas did for me) and can turn around again... baby steps, but steps toward becoming a better skater.  I can not believe how many calories you burn skating!!!
Anyway, that is what's up lately.  I work 4 days this week and then Thomas and I head out of town for me to do that half marathon, and spend some time away from home for the weekend and the next weekend I will be doing my duathlon and another half marathon... lol send good vibes to my legs please and thank you.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

IT band issues, and the MIRACLE!

I have honestly self inflicted an injury during my half marathon training.

I have made sure to get the miles I need on Sunday (my long runs) despite if I had gotten any of the runs in during the week.

This over use on the weekend and not running regularly throughout the week has left my IT band screaming at me!

Last week it got to the point where I honestly couldn't run 1 single mile without excruciating pain in the knee which I had determined was caused by the IT band because that is exactly how it was described all over the web, the exact pain I was feeling. 

I was scheduled to run on Sunday in Lynchburg, TN for the preview run of Whisky Hill and my running buddy Ali as going with me.  The distance was 7 miles.

Friday night I kept looking online for a miracle for the IT band. Thomas and I drove around looking for something locally like a strap I saw online (Pro Tech makes an IT strap to apply pressure to the IT band and we were looking for something like that or that, but didn't find anything).

I saw several reviews of this Pro tech strap online and people where saying AWESOME things about it and I wanted it so bad RIGHT NOW!!!.  I did order it online. I ordered two actually one for each leg in the event the other leg started acting up because I have two 1/2 marathons coming up ya know.

But, this band I ordered would not make it in before Sunday especially since I didn't make the order until Saturday.

Thomas and I took a trip to the store and bought material to try to make my own strap, something to use for Sunday.

We bought a strap, some foam pads, needle/thread and when I got home I tried to make a strap... Thomas was worried that the foam would not be enough pressure on the band, you see the idea of this strap is to apply pressure to the IT band to avoid it causing friction at the knee which leads to the pain, so he helped me by placing a firmer object (a medicine bottle lid) between the foam and that was sewn into the band.

Well, Ali picked me up for our little road trip on Sunday to tackle Whiskey hill, now remember I couldn't even run 1  mile on Saturday with severe pain.  I showed her our little strap that I was hoping would be a miracle.

Most people wear the Pro Tech IT strap a few inches above the knee. I had to put my strap very high on my thigh, and it didn't have to be extremely tight. But, I am super excited to report that I ran/walked (my current training routine) 7.5 very hilly miles PAIN FREE!!!!!
WOOHOO it is my little miracle strap!
On Tuesday I ran 3 miles, pain free and no strap required.  The pressure being applied for that entire run on Sunday seemed to have loosen up the knots that were causing me such issues. I mean rolling/ibuprofen/stretching/strengthening......none of those things were helping me at all.  This one little strap is AMAZING!
Tonight my Pro Tech IT straps came in, they are not really the same as the strap we made. The pad that we had sewn onto the strap is wider and with the lid/foam it is much firmer that the soft small pad that they have in their strap.  It doesn't fit higher up on my thigh, but would work where it is meant to be worn, but honestly I don't know if my homemade strap might have been the solution to the problems all along.  I will try the new straps soon, I am sure. But no need to if I have no pain so I am hoping for this to continue.
I will keep working on strengthening the weak areas in my hip which led to issues, and try to always get my weekly runs in so that I am not over using my leg on the long runs and I will stretch my hip flexors more and IT band area with rolling and such. But, I feel blessed to have my little strap!
Oh and by the way, tonight I got 4 miles in PAIN FREE!
:) I am a happy camper and now those 1/2 marathons are not AS frightening lol however they are still pretty darn scary!

Race, Race and more Race

April 5th I am signed up for a 1/2 marathon (Oak Barrel Half) in Lynchburg Tennessee.

The very next week I am signed up for the Heel and Crank Duathlon.

THE VERY NEXT DAY I am signed up for the Bridge Street half.

That is a lot of racing and I think I might have flipped my lid a bit. lol

I will more than likely be walking that last half, but I wanted to sign up to do I with friends.

I am also signed up for the wet dog my very first open water triathlon!!!

And later in the season I am signed for the Frantic frog... another open water triathlon.

Wish me luck as I think this will be what my season holds this year.

I am starting strong, and lets hope for no injuries!

Wow it is already March 12th

My last post to my blog was Jan 1st, talk about slacking!  I am going to try to do a brief recap, and then just move forward.

Well, I went on with the new year resolutions as I usually do and let the all slide by the way side. It sucks but I am not disappointed, minor set backs is all.

I have steadily been training for the Oak Barrel Half Marathon with my friend Ali.  She has been super patient with me, and really is a great running partner.

We had a nice snow this year, which involved playing in it and eating it! :)
I got to celebrate another wonderful Valentine's with my guy!  I did have a mishap with his Valentine's gift. I ordered him Sheri's berries and they didn't get delivered due to weather, and arrived several days late.  He did get to enjoy a couple of them... and I was refunded the money... so I get to try to do something nice for him when he doesn't expect it now! :)
I went on a trip to Lafayette Louisiana for work for a week, I flew there and and flew back home, it was a neat trip but the flight home during storms was not pleasant and I missed my family while I was gone.
The day after my trip Thomas and I took a trip to B'ham. On the way we stopped by a neat little flea mall and then spend several hours walking around the botanical gardens... it was a wonderful day and I look forward to going back to those gardens when the flowers are in full bloom.  That place was AWESOME!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Should've, Could've no more

 It is time to stop the should have and could have comments when it comes to things in my life.

Should have went to the gym. 
Could have taken the dog for a walk
Should have started that load of laundry
Could have gotten up early this morning
Should have went to be earlier
Shouldn't have ate all that food
Could have picked a healthier choice
Should have pushed harder on the run
Could have PR'rd that half marathon

Yep.. I am done with the should haves and could haves.  I am going to be I will, I did type of girl.

I am enjoying my lazy morning and I am kinda of not wanting to get up and get dressed today, since today is my day off, but I WILL get up and get dressed. I WILL go the gym and get a helluva workout in and I WILL be mindful of everything that I eat today.

I really don't want to clean the house up but I WILL clean up the kitchen and get the laundry going.

It is miserably cold outside but I WILL bundle up and take my dog for a walk.

I WILL do these things today so I don't have the opportunity to fret over the should haves or could haves of today and I will actually be making things happen in my life!

Happy New YEAR!!!

Hello 2014

Happy New Year!!!!

What are my resolutions for 2014:
  • To get more active, and reach the goals that have been just in sight for the last two years but I have yet to achieve.  I do not usually put exact goals here, like exactly what I want to achieve so this year I am going to do that.
    • lose weight to reach a goal of at least 150  lbs
    • have definition in my muscle tone
    • be able to do 50 push ups
    • complete my half marathon in under 3 hours
    • improve my endurance for running
    • complete duathlon and triathlon in 2014 to beat myself from 2013.  I would also like to complete a few 5K's just to see my time improve.
    • make healthier eating choice, think before I eat.  Only eat when hungry and only eat what I need to sustain myself and quit eating for sure pleasure, out of boredom, out of habit, and just ultimately binge eating.
  • To achieve higher income with my job, if I do not achieve the goals I am wanting then I need to figure out a plan for the next phase of my life.
  • Practice more gratitude.  I do not want to be bitter, or negative. I want to take the time necessary to reflect on the positive things and be grateful for all the positive things in my life. Focus less on the negative.
  • Pay off credit card debt... this might take more than a year, but I would like to make some huge accomplishments in 2014 toward my goal.
  • Spend more time with my family.  Make time for trips out of town to see my mom and dad, visit with my Brother in Kentucky and make time to work on my relationship with Destiny and Desmond.

I wish everyone a wonderful 2014 and hope you all reach for your goals and achieve them in 2014.  Today is the first day of the rest of your life, same as any day that you are blessed with waking up.  Enjoy what your life holds, make it what you want, and always remember to practice love and compassion in all areas of your life, it will surely offer you more joy in the long run than sadness by embracing those who are different and opening your mind to possibilities you never thought you could.  I hope all of those who are hurting find strength, love, health and happiness.  I hope all that are happy continue to be, and I hope 2014 holds the changes we need in our life to move forward.

Goodbye to 2013

Happy New Year!!!

It is time to reflect on 2013.  It has not been my favorite year, but I still feel blessed.  Here is a bullet list of what all happened in 2013.
  • 2013 started in Panama City Beach Florida were my guy and I enjoyed watching the beach ball drop. 
  • Thomas took me to see P!NK, and it was freaking AWESOME! 
  • We said goodbye to a very talented but slightly crazy family member as we tried to make our life a little less chaotic, I sure do miss you Cooper.
  • I had a romantic Valentine with my guy where we had a nice dinner out, and he sent me gorgeous flowers to work. 
  • I painted my first Spirited art photo with some old friends
  • Thomas made our ceiling drop down and got a projector 
  • I watched my girl go through her Senior year and graduate.  So many last times for everything, making way for new times for other things.
  • My beautiful daughter made some major decisions in her life and has spread her wings to do her own thing.  My  heart was broke in the process, but I have lived and learned and probably even grown from it all. I will always worry for her and hope nothing but the best for her, but it is her life to life now.
  • I watched my Son conquer his first semester of high school! He has grown so big!!! 
  • Thomas and I took a trip to a winery one day that was very nice. 
  • I completed a triathlon, a duathlon and registered for another half marathon coming up in 2014
  • I did not reach my fitness/weight loss goals for 2013, sadly enough I have worked hard, but not hard enough and I have definitely not eaten the way I need to, to live that healthy lifestyle.
  • I got a promotion and moved my job from 3 miles to 35 miles from my home, lol but I am proud of my accomplishments with my job.
  • Thomas went away on a surprise trip to Atlanta for his birthday, full of haunts and scare, it was a great weekend! 
  • We ended the year with a lovely family Christmas. 
This is a brief run down of a pretty awesome year, that was full of some sad times, some times to grow, and times to cherish.  I am thankful for my friends and family and glad for our health, and wellness in 2013 and hope for a wonderful 2014 full of love, joy, dreams and accomplishments.


Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Wolf of Wall Street

Thomas, Cathy (Thomas' mom) and myself went to the movie theatre to see The Wolf of Wall Street
When we went to purchase our tickets at the register the worker said she had to let us know that the movie was "hard".  She was trying to make sure that Cathy wouldn't be offended because the movie has many patrons leaving within the first hour due to the graphic sex scenes and language and drug use.  Cathy's response "I reckon it's something I have seen before".  haha gotta love that huh?
We proceed to watch the movie... OMG it is HARDCORE!!!  I don't usually shy away from things but this movie had me blush a few times. It was funny as hell at times, and I think DiCaprio has made another awesome movie! He did an excellent job.  If you do not offend easily with potty mouth, sex I mean close to porn sex scenes and drugs... lots and lots of drugs... then I highly recommend you go see this movie!!! I loved it!


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Up Up down Up down noooo its up

I am so sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I know how to reach my goals. I know what my goal means to me. I know what I need to do. I also know that I am slacking.  I am not going to beat myself up for slacking. Emotionally I am going through a lot with missing my daughter and finances being tight. Fatigue is present with starting my new job and working so hard to get things in order that it would be a situation that could set anyone off of their course. So, no I am not going to beat myself up. But truthfully 2013 has not been the year I had thought it would be for me physically.  I am ready to get this going.

I am up 8 lbs again.  I honestly have ate/drank what I wanted and haven't been to the gym near as much as I used to or as I want to.

I am not looking to lose X amount of weight. I am not wanting to diet. I want to live my life heathly.  I want to workout to be stronger, eat to fuel my body and quit eating for pure enjoyment.

Tomorrow is Sunday.  I am going to run 5 miles, and I am going to hit the gym for strength training! Lets get things going in the right direction and quit this damn yo yo stuff.

Happy Holidays

My guy has done it again... we have a marvelous Holiday light show and he has put in much of his time on this for everyone to enjoy. 

Take a moment to check out his webpage Lights on Harrison Street  Like us on facebook.

Here is a sampling of the show