Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bring on 2015

Happy New Year!!!

As this new year rolled in I have spent some time reflecting over many years that have past, and contemplating what I want 2015 to hold for me.

In my reflections I begin thinking of things in 2014 that I missed.  Like I said I would do this and that but didn't do those things.  For example, I said I was going to reach my goal weight in 2014 and I didn't, I said I was going to beat all my races from the previous year and perform at my best in my sports but I didn't.  I said I was going to work on my debt, but I didn't.  Blah right?  Well, I decided not to beat myself up and instead to reflect on all of my accomplishments.  I mean ALL of them!  So, I decided I would reflect on the positive and continue to try my very best that hopefully 2015 will hold even more accomplishments.

Things I have accomplished:  My first memorable accomplishment was graduating from High School.  Then, I had my beautiful baby girl at the young age of 19.  I then had my gorgeous baby boy.  Both kids were raised by myself mainly, as far as the financial support I can have pride that I provided for them mostly all on own my own.  I managed to go through a technical college to obtain  a trade (Medical Assistant) to provide for my children.  I graduated with honors from that technical school.  I worked and went to school at the same time, with two small children, so this was a major accomplishment for me.  I bought my first home, all on my own.  I have worked up from a medical assistant to a clinical coordinator, to an Office Manager.  I quit smoking after smoking for 14 years.  I have been quit 10 years (Thomas' says 9 but I don't know lol its either 9 or 10 now).  I have went from a couch potato to run/walking my first 5k, to my first duathlon, my first sprint triathlon, my first half marathon.... and proceeded to continue to do these yearly since my firsts.  I have lost from 188 lbs to 160 lbs and gained, and lost again.  lol But, at the moment I am down so I will count it as a win! I have had a beautiful relationship with my love for 12 years... and having a successful relationship is an accomplishment because so many fail, and it does take two to make one work. So, I feel proud of things that I have accomplished so far.  I am not trying to brag or toot my own horn, but since my first thoughts of 2014 were negative like look at what all you DIDN'T DO... I really needed to remind myself of what all I HAVE DONE!  Because if I can do these things I can certainly accomplish anything I want to in 2015. 

What do I want to do in 2015?
1) Beat Diabetes.  I may always have this disease, but I want to own it. I want to get my sugar under control and avoid any medication.  I want to be in charge of my own health.
2) Reach new goals with my fitness, get stronger, faster and perform better. 
3) Be more financially stable, meaning pay off medical bills (2014 was my most expensive medical year of my 38 years, I have had mammogram/ultrasounds x 3/biopsy/ablasion/colonscopy with EGD all in one year and I have a $1500 deductible... so I have way too many medical bills on me right now). I would like to start paying off debt, and hope to have a start on plan in 2015.
4) I am interested in going back to school... 2015 might not hold this, heck I may never make it back, but I hope to investigate, discuss the options with a college and figure out my options within this year.
5) Be a better partner....I know there are numerous ways I could be better and no better time than now to do it.
6) Make more memories, and spend time with my kiddos more.

It's a lot to say I want to do these things, and even more to actually do them.  I hear folks say they don't make resolutions, and well that is fine.... but I like the reflection, I like knowing I have goals to reach for and work toward them... rather I meet the goals or not.... I am going to try because you never know what you will achieve.  It's better than just going around day to day with no goals... I think Goals are important.

Happy New Year and may you reach all of you goals, have happiness, health and friendship. :)

I know we enjoyed our pork, greens, blackeyed peas, tators, and corn bread so we should be set for 2015. 

OH, and I can't leave out... ROLL TIDE ROLL!!! :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

My boy

I just love my little boy. So what if he isn't that little... lol he will always be my baby.

I think despite his laziness when it comes to his grades, bedroom and stuff... you know normal teenage laziness... I think he is a pretty fantabulous kid!

He had a very good Christmas.  I got him a Fossil watch, a hat he had been wanting, a nike jacket, and tools/tool box for his car.

His Dad gave him money.

I called him today because I haven't heard anything since Friday from him... I knew he was safe, but he knows to check in with me too.... he is at his Dad's.

He said he was doing good and coming home tomorrow.  I asked what he got for Christmas and he said money... and he had already spent it.

He bought an i-phone.  I said who is going to pay the monthly fees, he said him and his dad.... so I was excited for him. Why? Because I have heard how bad he wanted one since he was about 12... I mean almost daily.  But with car insurance, and feeding him lol there was no way I could add the expense of a phone too.  Also, I don't get adequate help in the form of support so all of his day to day needs I have to meet... therefore I couldn't promise to pay an expensive data plan every month. 

He sent me a text from his new phone so I would have a number.... I text him back... here is a screen shot.
All I could do was smile... I love my boy and he is awesome! :)

Feeling better

I am finally feeling better after being horribly sick with C-Diff bacteria. 
It feels so good to feel more like myself again!!!!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Productive Sunday

Today  has been so productive! I have ran 3 miles, went to work to do Payroll (I know it sucks to do this on Sunday), grocery shopping, laundry, and cooking.

I prepped some food for the week... made low carb cheese crackers, tortilla chips, ice cream and breakfast burritos for the week.  I also made a yummy dinner of philly cheese stuffed peppers.

I have been super busy since before Christmas with the shopping, cooking, cleaning... I am ready for a few days of nothing!!! :)

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Saturday Shopping

Thomas, Cathy and myself headed to Florence to check out he mall and do some shopping.

I racked up with some winter running gear!  I got 4 different outfits, and two jackets.  I bought some with my gift card from Cathy and then She spoiled me by buying me the rest.

We shopped until we dropped (literally).  We had dippin' dots too YUM! I got the yogurt, lol I tried to be a better than I could have been. haha.

On the drive home we went out of a way to eat at a little country diner Thomas and I had eat at years ago, it didn't disappoint.  :) I love little country places with awesome food!

Christmas is officially over, and now we are ready to move on to the New Year!

Friday, December 26, 2014

Day after Christmas

Christmas is not over yet!!!
My Brother is coming today, with my 3 beautiful Neices and my sis in law.

I am super duper excited! This is the first time that the girls have ever got to see out Christmas light show! :)


Here are some photos from our visit.

They got here in time to watch the BAMA songs that we added to the show (ROLL TIDE) and watched some of the favorites in the show. We came back inside to have some dinner ( I made "stuff") and cookies.  Then we loaded up to drive to Destiny's work to surprise her with a visit.

It was a short but sweet visit, made my Christmas that much more Merrier to get to see them all!

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Our Christmas begin on the EVE, we had a nice evening with family, food, and Christmas lights.
My Mom, My Dad and Karen, Cathy, Destiny and Derrick, Desmond, Thomas and myself as well as our guest Mark all sat down to eat dinner at 6pm.
We had Ham, potato salad, chicken n dressing, mac n cheese, broccoli casserole, green beans, cranberry sauce, rolls, and banana pudding.  (The Broccoli casserole was a hit)
This year was a bit off, because for many years my Dad and Karen would spend the night with us and be there when we woke up for Christmas gifts.  Then he started going to a hotel room but still here first thing on Christmas morning. And, now, this year he left on Christmas Eve and wasn't here for Christmas morning. It was a little sad for me, but I understand where he is coming from too.  He started being here on Christmas after I mentioned one year it was pretty depressing just me watching the kiddos open their gifts on Christmas morning.  Now Destiny doesn't come on Christmas morning and Desmond is plenty old enough..... so I understand there is no NEED for him to be here, but I sure did miss him Christmas morning!
On the Eve, we all watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes... not your traditional Christmas movies... but my Dad had never seen them and was wanting to so we put it on the big screen for him.
Christmas Eve was full of another gift, Cathy Decided to spend the night with us, and it was nice having both Mom's here on Christmas morning. It was pretty funny hearing the two of them cackling like children on Christmas morning trying to be quiet but laughing so hard they woke the whole house up... (all but Desmond, as he decided to sleep in still haha)
We had a marvelous Christmas morning full of gifts, smiles and love. 
After the gift opening we had breakfast (Ham biscuits), and got ready to head to Thomas' brothers for more Christmas celebration.
All in all I chalk this up as a very nice Christmas.  I only wish I had more funds so I could spoil my man... because I am poor when it comes to money... but rich when It comes to love!
But, never the less my guy spoiled me, as he always does. 

My Cathy got me this beautiful necklace too, it has my kiddos, myself, Thomas and Her birthstones in it, and It could not be more perfect!!!! :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas light show and Dinner

I decided not to make the diabetic friendly dinner... after I made a low carb/sugar cake and it was a bit of a flop, I decided I couldn't torture my family by experimenting with new foods... I will work to find healthier food options and have a healthier holiday meal in the future though... no worries. I just rather the enjoy the meal I prepare  :) HAHA

I have helped Thomas work on some Christmas light sequences.... there is so much time involved in all of this light show, but it is absolutely WONDERFUL!!!

He has absolutely out done himself this year.  If you are able to check it out you definitely should!!!

If you are not able to here... you can check out some videos and our website here.

Website: Lights on Harrison Street

YouTube: Lights on Harrison Steet, Thomas T

And we even made the Decatur Daily.... here is a link to that article.

Decatur Daily: Lights on Harrison Street

Again, I am so proud of all my guy does, for the joy of others. :) Merry Christmas to all!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Party Animal-----not!

We decided to roast hot dogs across the street at our neighbors house.

I decided to drink entirely too much! It didn't end pretty.... that's all I am going to say.

Luckily this guy took good care of me! :)

Friday, December 19, 2014

Date Night

My guy got me Train wine!!! I enjoyed a glass at Applebees and then we went by Publix and picked up more! I have the best DATE! :) I love him.