Monday, November 2, 2015


So, I do not have another race until April 2016 (Oak Barrel Half Marathon).  This means for November-April  I really don't have a plan or a challenge to work toward.

I keep saying I want to get better/faster at running.  I also want to lose weight.  I also want to have a plan/goal lol.

So here is what I have came up with.... I am a little disappointed I didn't think of it on November 1st because it would be great to start then...... but.... I will begin it tomorrow (Drum roll) I am going to start a run streak!

I will run every single day for 50 days straight.

Running will not be the only workout I do, but it will be the only thing that no matter the day I have, the weather I face, the mood I am in....(you get the point) I will have to get it in!

I still plan on doing spin and on those days guess what? I will run too!  I will do some lifting at the gym and again on those days I will run too. 

I hope to get most of my runs outside because of the terrain/weather and conditioning it provides vs the treadmill, but I am not opposed to doing it on the treadmill to get it in... anything I have to do to get it in!  (Note:  I do not have a treadmill at home so any of the those dreadmill runs will require me to get in the car and go to the gym, unless I am there already).

I am not sure where this thought came from today but it sounds like just what I need.... a goal that requires more running and I will not be running for distance as I do for my half marathon training (except on Sunday which is RUNDAY haha)... all other days it will be hills/speed/easy runs. 

I am really excited about this challenge to myself, it scares me a little too, by posting this here for the world, and saying it out loud that I am doing this.... well it pretty much means through the holiday season and everything I will be getting in this run. 

Why not right?

whew! Deep breaths!

Why is this so intimidating to me?  lol It is so silly I just ran two half marathons on back to back weekends and I am scared SILLY about saying I am going to run Every.Single.Day. for a total of 50 days!!!

Anyway what is done is done and here it is for everyone.

I start tomorrow... why not today? I have no excuse but I am in my pajamas already and it almost 10pm at night and I literally just decided I would do this, so I am saying tomorrow! 
November 3rd to December 23rd is my 50 day streak.  After that streak is over who knows...... lol but this is where I am starting!!!

Life Without Limits Half Marathon 2015

I did it again!!!


This year this plan was to 1. Come in at 2:50, 2. Come in at 2:55 or 3. Come in under 3 hours of before my last year time of 3:05. 
I had to give up on goal # 1 by mile 8 because I knew I wouldn't make it, but I had hoped for goal #2 that was until the last mile at which I totally fell apart... and it seemed it was my slowest mile of all 13.  But, I did finish the race right under 3 hours (2:59) and to me that is awesome because I know the struggle I had that last mile was REAL and I am proud that I beat last years time!!!
I had a great race and got to run it with a great friend (Leigh Ann)  We went to lunch after the race and all in all it was a marvelous day with great weather and friends.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween

It's been a few years since I dressed up for Halloween.  For several years we had a haunted carport and dressed up and scared all the kiddos lol it was GREAT.... but its been a while since I actually wore a costume, and this year decided I would wear one to work.

Can you figure it out?  It isn't hard, and I really thought more people would get it...... wait for it.
Lol maybe it is cheesy but I was shocked a the number of folks who said they hadn't seen this move! FOLKS!!! You are missing out, its one of my favorites. 
I went to my son's football game, then to walmart and came up this idea, bought patches, nose and scrub top... ironed on my patches all before going to bed.  I through Thomas' converse shoes on for good measure. I didn't have clown shoes.... but believe me when I say I felt like I was wearing some all day these were so big haha.
I enjoyed dressing up and maybe next year I will put a little more thought into it.
Now, tomorrow is race day. I am doing UCP Life without Limits race in Florence Al. I hope for a terrific race and maybe even a PR out of it..... it's my first Halloween race lol so it's got to be good!
Happy Halloween everyone!!!!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rock the Kasbah

Thomas and I went on a date night last night and we saw the move Rock the Kasbah.

I saw today that the movie isn't getting great reviews and I am not so sure why, unless people have set there expectations somewhere they shouldn't before viewing the movie?

I went in not seeing a preview, or hearing anything about the flick, I had no idea what to expect.... and the movie was very entertaining.  It brought to life some cultural differences and was ultimately a great movie. Murray did a great job in his role and I am not A HUGE Murray fan, just liked a couple of his films actually, but I can't understand why others are dissing this film so much?

I even heard someone say they wanted their money back at the end? Really?.... It was so enjoyable, the movie never stopped entertaining me and it had some laugh out loud moments.  Is this an award winning movie, no... but I am sure it is much better than some of the cheap, cheesy movies that others are rushing out to see.

If you want my opinion, go see the movie... don't expect anything just go and pass the time by with a beautiful entertaining and enjoying film.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dalton Red Carpet Half Marathon

This is my first year to do this Half Marathon, but I loved it so much I will probably do it again and for many years.

I enjoyed the perfect weather we had, the beautiful course with all the colors of autumn along the way, the scenery was gorgeous.  The Police and Volunteers were EVERYWHERE which meant for a very well organized race.  I just enjoyed the whole event.

Thomas and I drove down the night before and stayed in a Days Inn that I wasn't so sure about considering the room was $49 bucks a night.  I didn't want to break the bank but I wanted to be close on race day so I went with a cheap room.  I have to say I was VERY pleased with the room. It was cleaned, the staff was nice and helpful and the room was a steal for the money, so I will book here again in the future just because of the great experience I had this time.

We got there and picked up my packet and noticed they had tshirts/visors and such on sale.  We had no cash so we found an ATM, the main reason I NEEDED something from the vendor there is that I wore a long sleeve shirt because I anticipated cooler temps.... it was too hot for my long sleeves on this run. After finding the ATM I went and bought a technical shirt $5, a cup $1, a visor $1 and a wind pullover $10.  Loved they had these things for sale.

My friends Leigh Ann and Glen were there and running this race too, here is the funny thing they stayed in the same hotel and we didnt plan it that way lol.  They had planned to run this race together.... so I ran my race all by myself (beside the first mile which I started with them).  The race course was great as I said earlier and I pushed myself as hard as I could to try to make a PR.

I finished the race in 2:58 which is under the 3 hr mark, and that is always a good race for me, I thought I would PR.  The Gun time is 2:58 and they didn't list my chip time.  My fasted chip timed half marathon (Oak Barrel 2015) was 2:54:54 so I would like to beat this.  I know My chip time for Red carpet half was better than the gun time but I do not think it was 4+ minutes better so lol it wasn't a PR for me.  I did do well considering the hills and pacing myself and not having a running partner. So I call it a win!

Now, next weekend I get to do it again!  I run with Leigh Ann for this race though so I wont be alone... its the Florence Half, this year KICKED MY ASS last year, because I had C-Diff and didn't know it, and cramped something God Awful, so I am looking forward to redeeming myself this race and showing it who is boss around here.  But, considering how extremely sore I am right now lol I am not so sure about this race, hopefully I recover over this week and will be ready to run 13.1 again next week. haha

Anyway, it was a great day! Here are some photos!
Here I am right after the finish

Here I am after cleaning up and putting on my new wind pullover and visor

This is the beginning of the race with my friends

Here is the jacket that prompted me to sign up for the race in the first place, isn't that a badass jacket?

Monday, October 5, 2015

Camping weekend

Thomas and I went camping for the weekend in celebration of his Birthday weekend. It was a much needed break from our daily lives, and it was absolutely perfect.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Grape Stomp

My daughter and I went with my mom, grandmother, aunts and grandfather to Morgan Creek winery for their annual Grape Stomp.

It was a great day with family and good memories were made.... I am so glad we decided to do this!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

My baby boy is 17 years old now! WOW, where does the time go... literally it is unbelievable he is so grown.  I love him beyond words and I am so glad he is my son.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I got the opportunity to go to Oregon to visit with my friend Alanda for a WHOLE week.  This was a trip I looked forward to for a long time and everything went off without any glitches, it was a great week with a great friend.  I loved it.  There was sooooo much beauty there to be seen and Alanda helped to ensure I got to see as much of it as I could in the short time I was there. Her and her husband made me feel so loved and welcomed, and I just couldn't have asked for a better trip, except that my man wasn't there with me to enjoy it, but maybe next time!

Here a few of my favorite photos... there are way too many to post on my blog here today lol but it was a marvelous time!
A view from my plane.... I just loved being able to see the mountains as we were flying in.

Alanda greeted me with this sign at the airport... so awesome!

Alanda writing Tonya and Alanda BFF in the sand!

Again, this is just a sampling of the marvelous photos I got while I was there... but a few of my favorites!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2015

ROCKETMAN Triathlon 2015

Well folks.... I am a Rocketman!

I did the race that I had been anticipating most of the year and stressing over.  I trained harder, worked on my swimming more and did an Olympic distance triathlon.
My friend Kim captured me exiting the swim and getting on the bike here!

Here I am at the finish... if you can't tell I was nearly the last one, there is NO ONE around the finish line.  But, my friends Kim/Sheila/Ali were there to cheer me on so I wasn't alone.  Just lets you know this race took me a while to finish haha.

Me chillin' in my new hat and shirt :)

Race report: There was a horrible thunderstorm the morning of this race... I woke up and heard the rain pounding down and I thought to myself "GREAT! This is going to suck".  I loaded up and headed to race location despite the fact I could barely see to drive it was raining so hard.

I got there and parked in a field were they had volunteers parking us.  It was still pouring so I sat in my car for another 45 minutes. Found out there was a 30 min rain delay and the rain finally started easing up.  I went and got my bike in my transition area and found the body marking all in the rain still.  Then the rain STOPPED.  I was relieved, but still nervous about the race in front of me.

OMG Could I actually do this?

Ready or not, the race started.  The swim start was unique as we all waddled/scooted down a slide into the the river. That would be the Tennessee River where I was informed the current would be less to nothing... but I don't think they took into consideration the storm that had just went through.  I started on my wave to swim and OMG I was working so hard and literally NOT MOVING!  I saw not one but two people in my swim wave stop and say nope... I cant do this.  I told myself then just calm down. Worst case scenario it takes you longer than you have to complete and they tell you, you can't complete the race due to the time.. just make it happen and worry about the time later.  I slowed down my efforts a bit, took some deep breaths in and out and just started pushing forward toward my goal swimming as smooth as I could, concentrating on each and every stroke.  And, finally I made it to where I was actually going with the current instead of against it.   When I got to this point, I really started swimming well... and feeling more confident but I was worried about my time.

I exited the swim and whew, I did it. No one said I could finish. I looked at my watch and it said 59 minutes. I had 1 hour to complete it according to race rules whew I was so glad that was over!

Now to get on my bike. The roads are still wet in some places, I head out knowing that I need to be that much more careful due to the water.  I am peddling along nicely or so I feel, make it out to the turn around and start heading back when the freaking bottom FALLS out again. It is pouring on me, the rain is stinging my skin where it hits.  There is a police officer that has rushed to be right with me with his lights on because suddenly I am in a very dangerous bike ride on a very dangerous part of the course. I was supper appreciative of his assistance. I found out there were only 3 bikers left on the course when the rain started, and all three of us had police escorts during the downpour.  Finally the sun came back out, the escort went on around me and about his business.... and I made it back to my transition.

At this transition there are SO MANY FINISHED triathletes everywhere, no one is paying any attention that some of us STILL have a friggin' 10K to go run.. and man I was so very exhausted.  But, I pushed through. I kept trying to run but the legs just wouldn't run.... I just didn't have it in me to run.  I think I needed a bit more fuel earlier.... I fueled during the run but lol there wasn't much running.

Regardless of the events that happened. I FINISHED my goal race for the year!  I am super proud of this accomplishment even though I could have performed so much better, considering the storm and events of the day I am glad I didn't chicken out lol I was pretty terrified of this, and I faced my fear and showed myself I can do anything!